OBJECTIVE   :        Expert in making clinical reports. Worked upon medical journal for  More thanfive years. Main focus is to generate interesting, exciting and productive Ideas using my strong wring skills that could Contributeto the organization growth and simultaneously further Develop my skills. My Primary objective is to inform, Promote, educate and cultivate readers through writing.



In the year 2004.

(Kurukshetra Haryana). With 62% in the year 2008.

from Amity institute of Physiotherapy. With 77%

in the year 2011.

JOB EXPERIENCE: I have been in writing since five year.


Paper on Correlation between Parallel Walk Test & Timed Up& Go Test for assessment of

Dynamic balance in the elderly will be published soon in IJPOT.

I have been in writing and editing since very long.

I have written the content for websites.

I have been writing manuscripts, articles, helping in thesis (majorly medical related)