Main Assignment Summer 2017-2018

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 Main Assignment summer 2017-2018 

Word Limit                2000 words 

Instructions             Answer all questions

All answers must be typed and references to appropriate cases used where necessary

In all answers you must define the term , provide a case and give a relevant example 

Question 1

Describe the elements that are required to prove the existence of a valid contract?

Question 2 

 Main AssignmentA group of friends meet for a regular drink at a hotel every Friday night. Each contributes $2 towards a group lottery ticket, which is drawn over the weekend by Lotto company. One of the group is given the role of actually buying the syndicate ticket. When in fact a winning ticket is drawn for the group the purchaser of the ticket claims the arrangement is purely social and there is no arrangement whereby he needs to share the prize. Analyse this issue in terms of contract law.

Question 3

What is meant by the term misrepresentation. How many types of misrepresentation exist?

Question 4\

Describe the various ways in which a contract can be discharged?