Bone Is A Specialized Supporting Structure

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Bone Is A Specialized Supporting Structure


Bone is a specialized supporting structure which forms the framework of the body. Bone has the special characteristic features like rigidity, hardness, it has unique feature of regeneration and repair when gets broken. It provides the protective envelope for the vital organs.

Bone also contains marrow (   which produces blood and forms the store house for fat) .It act as a reservoir for  calcium and various other growth factors and cytokines.

Growth hormone which is the polypeptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland by the stimulus from the hypothalamus. Growth hormone play various role in our body, it helps in regulating various metabolic mechanism. Some of its action are also arbitrate through Insulin like growth factors-I (IGF-I). Insulin like growth factor-I (IGF-I) along with growth hormone plays the remarkable role in bone growth and bone metabolism which in turn regulates the bone mass. Bone mass   increases at a steady rate during childhood, Thegrowing rate reaches peak during mid-20s, and finally in later period of life it starts declining

Bone has 2 unique feature by which it keeps on undergoing remodelling throughout the life time. The whole process involves which involves remodelling where old bone is replaced continuously because of microdamaging process which keeps on occurring in bone and is replaced with new.(11) (Olney RC 2003)

Various hormones act according to maintain for the bone remodelling.

At different stage of the life bone formation act differently


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