Database Assignment Help

Database Assignment Help

Database Assignment HelpDatabase is a systematic organization of data on which various operations are performed. Database is an effective way of storing data or information in a sorted manner. It involves data planning i.e determining the storage locations, data management, data types to be used, and other course of actions. Database Assignment Help at Online Assignment Help is the best place to get custom written database assignments.

Types Of Database

  • Operational Database

Operational database is of great importance as it stores the information about the different kinds of operations of an organization. Operations such as inventory, transactions, selling reports, and purchases  are recorded.

  • Commercial Database

This database is known as external database also. It is a large database to which the access is granted commercially.

  • Personal Database

These are simple database which are meant to be accessed by a limited number of persons, generally for personal use.

  • Distributed Database

When several sub-systems and their databases are operating at different locations but are still linked to each other through communication channels, it is called distributed database.

  • Centralized Database

These databases store the whole information on a central computer system so that users from different locations can have access to the central data.

  • End-user Database

End-user databases are designed for the purpose of providing information to its end users.

  • Relational Database

In relational database, each table is connected by a key field or link to other tables.

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